Madden Pumps

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Madden Pumps – CFS

Chemical feed systems that combine on one platform – a holding tank for mixing and storing chemical solutions, a mixer, a Madden diaphragm metering pump to inject the chemical solution, and suction and relief piping. Standard pre-engineered systems are available, as well as customized systems with equipment and features specified by the end user.


Madden Pumps – Dosing Systems (DS)

TURNKEY CHEMICAL METERING SOLUTION: Madden dosing systems are designed to be placed at the job site, connected to a chemical source, connected to power, and start up right away.

ACCURACY: We use positive displacement, diaphragm metering pumps with at least +/-1% accuracy and repeatability. Ensure you are not under or overtreating your application. CHEMICAL COMPATIBLITY: Madden JN (1-11 GPH), MF (5-60 GPH), and MH (96-180 GPH) series diaphragm metering pumps come with many available materials for the wetted end. We can offer an “A” rated resistance wetted end for any corrosive chemical.


Madden Pumps – JN

These simple, rugged, accurate pumps are used in many industrial plants for injecting a controlled flow of highly reactive liquids such as acids, caustics, and water treatment chemicals. Heavy duty industrial grade construction means these tough little pumps will deliver many years of trouble free 24-7-365 pumping. See PDF for specs.



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