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Uniguard Barrel Guards

Nonmetallic guards will not dent or rust. Cantilevered guard bolts direct to rear of the pump and eliminates drilling base plates to mount guards. ANSI Pump Guards install in just a couple of minutes and can be removed and remounted in about two minutes.

All Uniguard Machine Guards are UV Protected for outdoor use.

Uniguard CLGU

Uniguard’s revolutionary Type CLGU Guard is a vertically split two-piece coupling guard that’s easy to install and maintain. The CLGU features a clear Polycarbonate window that’s easy to remove for strobescope inspections and/or coupling lubrication.

The window is easily cleaned with mild soap and water. Shaft holes can be included at no additional charge.

Uniguard HBG

The Horizontal Machine guard comes standard with a vented front panel and a solid removable rear panel. Shaft holes are easily located and field drilled with a hole saw.

These guards easily slip on over the equipment maintaining OSHA/ANSI compliance.

Uniguard JSG

Jack Shaft guards were originally created to provide a lightweight alternative to heavy metal guards for paper and steel mills to guard long drive shafts when replacing current non-compliant OSHA guards.

They are designed for either fixed length or adjustable shaft lengths. The inspection windows are easily installed for visual inspection of rotating components and access to lubrication points. They have slotted cover for head dissipation, UV protection for outdoor use, and lifting handles are available for assistance with guard removal.

Guard will require maintenance to create a method for mounting whether from overhead structures or from the foundation.

Uniguard Uniclear

Uniguard UniClear Guards™ were specifically developed to ensure employee safety as well as meet compliance of government regulations that stipulate all rotating machinery must be guarded. They are designed to be easily installed, allow for visual inspections and yet they are economical.

Uniguard UniClear Guards ™ are corrosion resistant** made from polycarbonate (shield), high density polyethylene (frame) and stainless steel fasteners. The UniGuard UniClear Guard is designed to cover the stuffing box area to prevent intrusion of hands and fingers contacting the rotating shaft. It is not designed to protect against splashing of the liquid being pumped from a leaking seal or packing. Your pumped fluid may attack the clear material.

Check chemical compatibility charts to determine if fluid will harm guard. All mechanical seal leaks should be attended to promptly to prevent injury. When clear guard material becomes discolored or cracked it should be replaced immediately.

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