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Q Pumps Series QC/ QC+/ IC

The QC+ Series is ideal for sanitary and non-sanitary applications such as the food, beverages, and agriculture industries. With many upgrading options available, we are sure our pump will work as if it was tailor-made. Certifications: 3A. Used for: Dairy products, Juices, Alcoholic Drinks, Purified Water, Oil, Fertigation.

Q Pumps Series QL

The QL Series feature positive displacement and due to their great versatility, can be adjusted to different applications. Certifications: 3A and EHEDG. Used for: Sauces, Pulps, Syrups, Purees.

Q Pumps Series QP

The QP Series is characterized by being Universal – ly interchangeable with other brands in the market, even improving the spare parts quality. Certificates: 3A, EHEDG. Used for: Dairy products, Sauces, Pharmaceuticals, Ice creams

Q Pumps Series QTS

The QTS is a twin screw pump, 100% sanitary use and ideal as a CIP and Process pump, which reduces time and maintenance costs. Also available with rectangular inlet. Ideal for products with high content of air and gas. Certifications: 3-A, FDA and EHEDG. Used for: Dairy, Dough, Sauces, Confectionery, Meat, Pharmaceuticals, Oil Honey Pulps, Syrups, Purees Personal care.

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