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Metso Dredge Pump Program

Metso Outotec’s range of heavy-duty dredge pumps are designed specifically for dredging large and abrasive materials. Years of experience have brought design improvements that have resulted in products that offer the lowest cost of ownership in the industry when dredging abrasive material. Metso Outotec’s dredge pump portfolio includes pumps from well-known brands such as Thomas and Marathon.

Metso Horizontal Slurry Pump

The Metso heavy (HM, HR) and mining (MR, MM) duty horizontal slurry pumps offer a wide range of world class rubber lined and hard metal slurry pumps for abrasive pumping applications.

Metso Slurry Hose Systems

Metso Slurry Hose Systems are based on easily exchangeable standard components: hoses, couplings and gaskets of varying diameters. The figure to the right shows the principle for Metso Slurry Hose Systems with support beams. The beam is used as a support for hoses, bends and couplings and is fixed to a steel frame and is screwed to the floor. The hose is fixed to the beam using clamps, sized in relation to the hose dimensions.

Metso Vertical Sump Pump

Metso Outotec Sala VS series vertical sump pumps are the strongest, high capacity and leading pumps preferred by the heaviest industries throughout the world. Globally used for efficient overflow recovery and its return to the process, our vertical sump pumps eliminate the need for mechanical recovery. Developed from the old SALA sump pump, VASA G model, the Metso Outotec type VS vertical sump is the most reliable sump pump available on the market.

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