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Matec Cube

The Cube consists of: One or more containers for the filter press(es). The machine is placed inside the container and opportunely lifted to allow a screw conveyor beneath them. The screw conveyors are used to take away the mud dried by the filter press. Each side and the top are covered by specific tarpaulins, to protect the system from bad weather, one dedicated to the Bifang. The homogenizer tank for the sludge to be treated by the filterpress, One for the clean water overflowing from the silo.

One for the clean water necessary to the flocculant preparation, One which contains a small control station and the Bifloc, the plant for the flocculant preparation and dosing.

Matec Filter Presses

The Matec plates Filter Press is designed to achieve the best results in industrial sludge dewatering. All Matec filter presses are designed for use with HPT (High Pressure Technology) capable of working both at operating pressures common to all filter presses, 5-7 bar, and at high pressures close to or above 16-21 bar.

This is made possible by the highly specialised design of our machines and the use of the highest quality and engineering level components such as hydraulic power units and pistons, oversized chassis structures and in addition high pressure pumps.

Matec Ready Mix Washout

Matec Concrete Water Recycling plant solves the problem of surplus water derived from washing cement mixers, pumps, mixers and buckets. When combined with Disol 5000 (grease trap), the plant also solves the problem of water derived from washing wheels and tires of trucks exiting construction sites. CWR (Concrete Water Recycling) gives the opportunity of separating, by using a screw separator, or also selecting, by using a dewatering screen, the cement residue from the water.

The slurry remaining is sent to the filter press to be squeezed and make it easy to be disposed of, reducing its volume by 80%.

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