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Edwards CDX

Featuring an innovative double-ended screw mechanism, our CDX pumps have a pumping capacity of 900 m3h-1 (per hour)–perfect for your larger processes where repeatability and reliability are key.

Edwards EDC Dry Claw

Known for its simplicity, robustness, efficiency and contaminant handling capability, Edwards’ EDC dry claw pumps are ideal for applications where you need low maintenance with increased process compatibility.

Suited for harsh environments, this is the pump that enables you to reduce your vacuum operating costs and focus on what really matters: your production process.

Edwards EDP

The EDP chemical dry pump is a market-leading product ideally suited to the complex demands of your chemical, petrochemical and pharmaceutical applications. Innovative technology delivers performance and operational advantages in even the harshest process environments.

Edwards EDS

Available in Air and Water-cooled variants, the EDS range has second-to-none contaminanth and ling capability in the harshest industrial and chemical conditions. Cool and simple, easy to service combined with high speed make the EDS range the ideal solution for the harshest industrial and chemical applications.

Edwards EH Mechanical Booster

The EH range is ideal for use with high differential pressures, allowing the booster pump to be started at the same time as the backing pump, reducing your total pump down times and making your operations simpler.

Edwards Stokes Booster

For over 100 years, the Stokes mechanical booster pumps have offered time-tested, proven performance with experienced service and technical support you can rely on.

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