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Basetek Accessories (Basetek BiD Adjusters)

Our Bi-Directional motor adjusters offer an economical solution to aid in the alignment of your motor. Features side-to-side and front-to-back precision adjustment. Designed to accommodate most NEMA and IEC frame motors.

Basetek Accessories (Basetek Insert Kits)

Our insert kits aid in the speedy installation of new or, the repair of, existing threaded hole inserts in all PoxyBase® polymer concrete baseplates. Available in all standard materials and includes compatible epoxy and instruction sheet. Designed to be used with compatible application gun.

Basetek Accessories (Basetek Mounting Blocks)

PoxyBlock® mounting kits are the perfect solution to mounting your pump and motor to any BaseTek polymer concrete baseplate or other conventional design. Our mounting blocks, which are part of our pre-engineered kits, are constructed of Zanite® and include stainless steel mounting hardware.

Our counter bore design aids in locking blocks to baseplate.

Basetek Accessories (Basetek Stilt Mounting Kits)

BaseTek pre-engineered stilt mounting kits are designed for use specifically with our PoxyBase® pump base plates. Stilt kits promote the movement of the entire assembly to aid in maintaining alignment and vibration reduction. Design incorporates heavy duty industry preferred H-cross bar design. Pre-engineered stilt mounting kits specifically designed for PoxyBase® and PoxyBase CC®

Basetek Complete Custom

Because most critical equipment does not come in standard sizes – let BaseTek assist in the design and build of your complete custom baseplate. If you can imagine it, BaseTek can likely find a way to build it.  Our design staff will provide the timely support and guidance to turn your idea into a polymer composite reality.

Basetek Custom QuickBase

Customize your pump base by modifying most of the features of our standard product offering or submit your custom hole pattern to be provided on any of our existing baseplate footprints.

Options Include: include only the standard features you need, select custom insert materials, locate inserts in your specified custom locations, modify the height of the base, maintains the surface flatness of 0.002/ft., choose our Novolac material option, modify the length of the base.

Basetek PoxyBase Close Coupled

BaseTek PoxyBase CC® is the perfect non-metallic, polymer concrete, close coupled baseplate for most ANSI/ASME and Sub-ANSI closed-coupled pump designs.

Available in 5 sizes, our pump bases are a cost effective alternative to conventional steel designs.

Basetek PoxyBase Frame Mounted

BaseTek PoxyBase® non-metallic, polymer composite, frame mounted pump bases are designed for frame mounted / long-coupled ANSI/ASME pump combinations. Available in 16 models to accommodate all NEMA motor frames.

Custom configurations to accept ISO pump and IEC motor combinations are also available.

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