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Aurora Motors (Aurora Shaft Mount & Reducers)

The Aurora Shaft Mount Reducer Models (DIR Sizes 2-10) and Aurora Screw Conveyor Drive Reducer Models (DIRSC sizes 2-6) are ideal for power conveyors, mixers, elevators, extruders, pumps, and many other heavy-duty applications.

Aurora Vertical Motors (Aurora Fire Pump Motors)

Aurora Vertical Fire Pump Motors (FX Series) make up the most complete product family for vertical fire protection applications. Our vast experience and commitment to apply precision engineering enable us to tailor our fire pump motors to your specifications.

With UL-Listed vertical hollow-shaft motors ranging from 7.5 hp to 1,000 hp. We have a comprehensive portfolio suitable for your application.

Aurora Vertical Motors (Aurora TEFC)

Each component that goes into an Aurora motor is built to exceed your expectations. For example, the insulation system is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions, thermal shock, and voltage stress.

Windings are double vacuum-pressure impregnated (VPI) with a non-water-absorbent epoxy varnish for maximum protection.

Topicalization varnish is applied to motors used in coastal areas, mining applications, and in locations with high humidity or hazardous particles.

Aurora Vertical Motors (Aurora WP1)

Available with hollow or solid shafts. Aurora WP1 Vertical Pump Motors (P-Base Type) are rapidly becoming the most recognized motor in the industry. Our robust motor performs under the most strenuous and extreme conditions and is built from the highest quality materials. Innovation and quality have always been among our top priorities and why we have made major strides in all sectors of the VHS market.

We can tailor our motors to our customers’ specific requirements, up to 10,000 hp.

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