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Alpha Pompe Hydrocyclone Pump

Guaranteeing high flow rates and high heads, they are ideal pumps for use in the industrial and tertiary sectors.

They are used in the feeding of hydro cyclones in the treatment and inert washing sector and in all areas where abrasive and/or acidic liquids need to be transferred. The bodies and impellers can be cast with super alloys of high mechanical abrasion resistance (hardness’s of approx. 800 HB), or coated with special anti-abrasive rubber compounds.

Alpha Pompe Nautilus

This pump can be completely immersed into the liquid to be transferred; It can therefore be used in situations with limited spaces, very deep pits and wells, etc. Alfa submersible pumps are also made of materials such as spheroidal cast iron or super alloys highly resistant to abrasion, according to the different industrial applications.

The pumps bodies can be internally coated with anti-abrasive rubber. Delivery rates range from 100lt/min to about 4,000lt/min, with heads reaching over 30 mca.

Alpha Pompe Rubber-Lined Pump (EVO)

Studied and designed to feed filter presses; they can be supplied with single or double speed motors, with pump motor coupling through belts and pulleys or with direct coupling through coaxial joint. Depending on the version, the flow rate range is from 100 l/min to 10,000 l/min with closed pressures up to 16 bar.

Bodies and impellers can be made of super alloys or spheroidal cast iron coated with special blends of anti abrasive rubber. The suction inlet is positioned in a way that the mud doesn’t come in direct contact with the mechanical seals, which are made of tungsten carbide, drained with water and protected by a pressurized barrier chamber. The functionality of the bearings is guaranteed by the lubrication in oil bath.

Alpha Pompe Rubber-Lined Pump (Levante)

Studied and designed for the loading of filter presses; they are supplied with one or two speed motors (the first for the loading phase and the second for the pressing phase) according to the Customer’s needs. They can reach a final pressure of over 7 Bar.

In addition to the pumping unit completely rubberized, the delivery mouth can be oriented in a way that muds are directly directed into the impeller without coming into contact with the seals; the sealing unit consists in a double mechanical seal in tungsten carbide drained with water and protected by a barrier chamber pressurized with grease and pressure.

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