AESSEAL Bearing Protection

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AES Bearing Protection (AES Labtecta 66)

Eliminate over 50% of bearing failures with the LabTecta® IP66 certified bearing protector: a true non-contacting labyrinth design with a shut-off design that really works.

Features: Verification Tested contacting & non-contacting bearing seal designs. Proven to increase equipment reliability in pumps, electric motors, fans, pillow blocks, steam turbines and gearboxes, IP66 certified designs that conform to IEEE Std. 841-2009.

No shaft wear. Retro fit able on shafts previously worn by lip seals, Easily rebuildable with no special tools, chemicals or equipment

AES Bearing Protection (AES Labtecta 66PB)

The LabTecta®66PB utilizes a unique two-piece stator design that provides a self-aligning joint that allows the seal to align both to the bearing block and to the shaft. The joint also provides constant pressure on the static elastomer to provide positive sealing throughout the range of motion.

Benefits Include: Extended bearing and Equipment Life, Better Protection Against Bearing Contamination, Reduced Lubrication Requirements, Better Lubrication Retention and Reduced Operating Temperature.

AES Bearing Protection (AES Labtecta 66RDS)

The only radially divided bearing protector available with rotor / stator static sealing technology as standard. The LabTecta®66RDS is available in several configurations including flange mounted, axial movement and internal air-purge, giving even greater flexibility and tailored to suit your specific application.

Features: Extend the bearing life of large, high maintenance cost equipment, Reliable protection against contamination ingress and lubricant egress, Easy installation – Radially split design, Positive lubricant retention throughout the life of the equipment and No shaft wear or damage to equipment.

AES Bearing Protection (AES Labtecta M)

The LabTecta®M is specifically designed for use on electric motors. The LabTecta®M (Flush Mount Electric Motor Design) range of products are intended for use as a bearing protection device on electric motors which require flush mounted bearing isolators due to limited outboard space.

This design is also available with a VFD (variable frequency drive) Grounding Ring installed to prevent premature bearing failure due to electrical fluting caused by the stray currents created when using VFD motor controllers.

AES Bearing Protection (AES Magtecta OM)

The MagTecta-OM™ is a face seal that prevents oil mist pollution and has been applied to thousands of pieces of equipment in the hydrocarbon processing industry. The unique inboard face of the MagTecta-OM™ allows oil mist to enter through its face grooves.

Once inside, the oil mist liquefies to provide an oil splash environment at the external seal faces. This provides seal face lubrication, making the MagTecta-OM™ ideally suited for this environment.

AES Bearing Protection (AES Magtecta)

Through its magnetically energized contacting faces and incorporated labyrinth seal technology. The MagTecta-S™ protects your equipment from both external contamination and loss of lubrication.

Lubrication Conditions: Oil Splash, Oil Mist, Marginal Lubrication.

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